The Virtual Live Band

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Hier are some videos of our concerts at Secondlife. Captured by Merak Ur ( )

Running away (MP4) (MOV)Foxyflwr Cure - Running away - Caputred at Eden on the 30th of April  2007
Interview with Paisley Beebe (SLCN) -Captured at SLCN Tonight Live with Paisley Beebe on the 12th of August 2007
Free Flow (MP4) (MOV) - captured at Corsica / Atlantis on the 21th of December 2007
Way out (MOV) hi quality video
- captured at Mediaset on the 6th of March 2008
- MP3 only : Way Out
  - VLB Video Live Stream : See and listen to our Concerts.
- MP3 Stream : MP3 Shoutcast Stream