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Here you can find some links to sites that are offering collaboration software and tools for live streaming. Venues and Myspace sites of SL-musicians

NinJam : That's our special software to play together. It's a small program with less CPU and Storage use.
VSTunnel : Another fine software for online collaboration. It's a VST plugin and can be used with all recording software that are supporting VST.
REAPER : Is a recording software which can be used with NinJam together. This program is also very small with less CPU and Storage use.
V-Band : A new platform for musicians to collaborate together.They are supporting community based communication and special features for musicans Private collaboration for Bands, User-Blogs supported by with unique URL and promotion for songs out of the community.
Simplecast : This software is needed, if you wanna upstream to a shoutcast or icecast server. The venues at Secondlife are using shoutcast or icecast servers.

VLB : This is our MYSPACE site. If you like you can join in as a friend ;-)
Johnny99 : The MYSPACE site of Johnny an excellent guitarplayer, bassplayer and drummer. He is performing at the venues of SL.
Andy G. : Andy Glasgows MYSPACE site. Also an excellent guitarplayer and performer at SL. It's a must to see him acting there.
Ronnie Carr : Visit Ronnies website and his shows at SL. An amazing musician performing at SL und RL
Boston SL : The 3D world of Secondlife. Merak Ur's Music and video productions at Secondlife
MusicByDawn Foxys websites. Music and Artwork

Hello SL (E,D) Read Page 11 ! VLB at Eden (Relay for life)
M2 News Read Page 7 + 18 , Sound Bites
1st Touch Read about us at 1st Touch magazine. Interview by Alex Cascabel

Jam Room Our place for rehearsal. Click on the link to get to our place in Secondlife