The Virtual Live Band

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How VLB was Born:  by  BlueTom

At the end of the year 2006, I read an article at the NinJam forum about jamming at Secondlife.  Dan Sullivan (Jazz Glineux) was asking for people playing together with NinJam and streaming the output of them to Secondlife. So this made me curious and I joined SL to find Dan there. But, before I had a chance to meet him, I saw several musicians there playing live music.  Let me say a lot of them a very good worthy enough to produce a CD. But that were all either solo musicians or real bands playing from one location to SL.  I talked to Dan to learn how to go about playing from different locations at the same time to SL. The technique is simple. All members of the band have to play using the NinJam software together and one of them (me) has to stream his output from NinJam to SL. We all log in to SL as well, so that our avatars look like we are playing together. 

The next step was to find some members to join me. I remembered a guy named Joe, with whom I had done some nice sessions several weeks prior in NinJam. Because he is a fantastic keyboard player I asked him if he would join in my band. He agreed, and from that point we began playing together in SL. But what is a band without a singer, and bass player, and perhaps a drummer? So I remembered Eric from NinJam, who is a singer and guitar player. I asked him to join the band as well. Just by chance, I found Steve (Ictus Belford), who is a singer and bass player. Steve is also a good soloist on acoustic guitar as well. We had some problems with the drummer. At first I found a guy, and we did also some test sessions with him, but he didn't have time because of his new job. So, we decided to use our drum machines for the rhythms.

Because of this virtual world in SL, we created the name VLB (Virtual live band). Now we've been playing together for several weeks, practicing at Dan's Jam Room in SL.  We had our first gigs in SL, and they went very well.  Accidentally we met Foxyflwr Cure at Kat's Connection.  She was asking us to join our band. And from that day our band consists on 5 members. I'm looking forward to many more as we enjoy this incredible experience of playing together from across the world.

After performing for such a time in Secondlife at several venues a drummer was asking for help to be heard in SL. BlueTom suggested her to have a try with VLB. Coz we all liked her playing so we decided to take Vicki Nilsson as our drummer. So the band consists now on 6 members and is complete.